VeritySpell for PC

Works with most common word processors

VeritySpell is installed as a separate program and works with most common word processors. In Microsoft Office, VeritySpell functions as an add-in. A tab called ‘Oribi’ appears in the toolbar, making it easy to find and start the program.


Interface, VeritySpell for PC

Copy text to the clipboard to correct it

If you start VeritySpell from the Start menu, it is also able to correct text that you have copied to the clipboard. This is useful if you are writing somewhere other than in a word processor, for example in an e-mail or out on the Internet. Once the text has been corrected, it is pasted back over the old version.

Includes a dictionary

VeritySpell for PC includes an English dictionary with definitions, usage examples, information about parts of speech, synonyms, and more. This gives users additional help to develop their writing skills.


Dictionary Interface

Use an external Text to Speech function

If you have Text to Speech software installed as an external program on your PC, you can use that function to listen to text shown in the VeritySpell window.

If you would like to do one of the following, please contact us!

  • Pay by invoice.
  • Get a service package.
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