VeritySpell for Google Docs

VeritySpell is a spellchecker and grammarchecker for native English speakers.

VeritySpell for Google Docs is an advanced spellchecker that corrects spelling and grammar mistakes in English texts. It is specially designed for people with reading and writing difficulties and dyslexia, but it is well suited for anyone who needs spelling assistance and language support.

30 day trial

Try VeritySpell for free! Subscribe after 30 days for £13 / €15 / $17 per year.

Use VeritySpell to correct or check:

  • serious spelling mistakes like sositch (for sausage) or citon (for kitten)
  • easily confusable words like their/there/they’re or need/knead
  • grammar mistakes, like The dog are black
  • the spelling of compounds open like Losangeles (for Los Angeles), closed like birth day (for birthday)
  • punctuation and spaces.

With personal settings, you can:

  • make VeritySpell learn new words
  • decide whether VeritySpell should warn you about certain words or not
  • use a large wordlist or a small one.

Billed yearly until cancelled