Benefits of Using Technology

Everywhere we look we use technology, at school, work, going to the bank technology is everywhere. Some people say it’s a hindrance and some say it’s the best thing since sliced bread. People always ask me, does technology work in school for those students that have difficulties? We are looking at our SEND students and a number of them do have difficulties which technology can support. When we look at the hidden SEND like dyslexia we know that most dyslexics have problems with spelling therefore using technology such as software like Verity Spell can support them and put them back on a level playing field.

By understanding a child’s difficulty or difference can really help you as a teacher or parent to understand what is the best technology to put into place. Once you understand the difficulty you are better informed to understand what attributes you are looking for from specific piece of technology. In the case of dyslexia understanding that reading, spelling and memory are the three main areas that technology can really support both from a teaching and learning perspective and can be very supportive. Having technology that supports with these needs e.g. technology that reads, all software that indicates spelling and puts the child onto a level playing field with their peers, it also means they can grow and become an independent learner and contribute to society.

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